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Displacement Risks in Africa

:Refugees, Resettlers and Their Host Population

Itaru Ohta and Yntiso D. Gebre eds.

394 pages

ISBN: 9784876986590

pub. date: 03/05

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Introduction: Displacement in Africa--Conceptual and Practical Concerns  Yntiso D. Gebre and Itaru Ohta

Part 1: Refugees and Reintegration of Returnees

1 No Solutions in Sight: The Problem of Protracted Refugee Situation in Africa
✎ Jeff Crisp
2 Coping with Displacement: Social Networking among Urban Refugees in an East African Context
✎ Roos Willems
3 The Uncertainties of the Child Soldier Experience and Subsequent Reintegration into Civil Society
✎ Art Hansen
4 Belonging, Displacement, and Repatriation of Refugees: Reflections on the Experiences of Eritrean Returnees
✎ Gaim Kibreab
5 Returnees in Their Homelands: Land Problems in Rwanda after the Civil War
✎ Shin'ichi Takeuchi and Jean Marara

Part 2: Development- and Conservation-Induced Displacement

6 Concept and Method: Applying the IRR Model in Africa to Ressettlement and poverty
✎ Michael M. Cernea
7 Some Socio-Economic Risks and Opportunities Relating to Dam-Induced Ressettlement in Africa
✎ Chris de Wet
8 The Environmental Risks of Conservation Related Displacements in Central Africa
✎ Kai Schmidt-Soltau

Part 3: Implications of In-migration for Host Populations

9 Multiple Socio-Economic Relationships Improvised between the Turkana and Refugees in Kakuma Area, Northwestern Kenya
✎ Itaru Ohta
10 Multidimentional Impact of Refugees and Settlers in the Gambela Region, Western Ethiopia
✎ Eisei Kurimoto
11 Promises and Predicaments of Resettlement in Ethiopia
✎ Yntiso D. Gebre