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Asian Port Cities, 1600-1800

Local and Foreign Cultural Interactions

Masashi Haneda ed.

paper, 233 pages

ISBN: 9784876987689

pub. date: 03/09

Written Language: English

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Asian port cities in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were the site of intensive cultural contact involving a broad spectrum of participants from across the world. These interactions raised questions of communication for merchants who conducted business in the port cities and of regulation and control for the officials who governed them.
By drawing comparisons among the port cities of East, Southeast and Southeast Asia where European East India Companies maintained trading centers, this volume goes beyond national histories to examine cultural interactions on a regional basis. The authors draw on the rich literature relating to cross-cultural interactions between the Dutch and the Japanese in Nagasaki in discussing issues that range from architecture, mercantile and artistic communication, business transactions and dispute settlement to family issues, clothing, housing, and social relations associated with food. Their work yields intriguing new interpretations of the Asian maritime world that will interest historians concerned with Europe or Asia during the early modern period as well as students of material culture.


Haneda Masashi is a professor of history at the University of Tokyo where he serves as Director of the Institute of Oriental Culture and as Deputy Director of the Center for Philosophy in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He has written a number of books on what is sometimes called the “Islamic world” and has a particular interest in cultural interactions and in life in the port cities of Asia during the early modern period.


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Introduction: Framework and Methods of Comparative Studies on Asian Port Cities in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

1. Canton, Nagasaki and the Port Cities of the Indian Ocean:
A Comparison
Haneda Masashi

2. The Legal Position of Foreigners in Nagasaki during the Edo Period
Matsui Yoko

3. The Commercial Culture of the VOC in Canton in the
Eighteenth Century
Liu Yong

4. Western and Chinese Influences on Japanese Paintings
In the Eighteenth Century
Ito Shiori

5. Jingdezhen and imari: Communication and Competition
between Chinese and Japanese Porcelains in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Liu Zhaohui

6. On the Waterfront: Life and Labour Around the Batavian Roadstead
Leonard Blussé

7. Dutch Interaction with Siamese Law and the City Rules of Ayutthaya in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Bhawan Ruangsilp

8. Cultural Interaction between the British Diaspora in Madras and the Host Community, 1650-1790
Søren Mentz

9. The Hindu Courtier and the French Governor: Pondicherry, 1744-60
Philippe Haudrère

10. The Factories and Facilities of the East India Companies in Surat:
Locations, Building Characteristics and Ownership
Nagashima Hiromu