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Creating Subaltern Counterpublics

: Korean Women in Japan and Their Struggle for Night School

Akwi Seo

272 pages

ISBN: 9784814000890

pub. date: 02/17

Written Language: English

Publisher: Trans Pacific Press & Kyoto University Press

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In this prize-winning research, Akwi Seo provides a subtle and theoretically-sophisticated exploration of Zainichi Korean women’s activism around access to literacy, education and social services. In this multi-layered study, she shows how these activists developed new subjectivities, created new social spaces, forged new forms of solidarity and achieved social transformation. Creating Subaltern Counterpublics will be of interest to scholars of gender studies, ethnic minority studies, postcolonial studies, political science, sociology, ethnography, history and Asian studies (Vera Mackie, Senior Professor of Asian Studies, University of Wollongong).



1 Introduction:C onceptualizing Korean women in Japan through a feminist lens
2 Between ethnic rights and women's rights movements
3 Counterpublics and the Taiheiji Independence Movement
4 Life course: Illiteracy and Night Junior High School
5 Formation of oppositional subjects
6 Intergenerational solidarity and the reconstruction of ethnicity
7 Korean women in Japan and subaltern counterpublics

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