Sampling Biodiversity in Coastal Communities

P. Robin Rigby, Katrin Iken and Yoshihisa Shirayama eds.

B5並製リング綴・145頁・税込 3,456円
ISBN: 9784876987009
発行年月: 2007/04


Abstracts of Public Administration, Development, and Environment, 2009., 85p.




List of Figures

Part I Introduction
Section 1 Introduction to the Text
Section 2 The NaGISA Concept
Section 3 Biodiversity and Sampling Design
Part II Rocky Shore and Seagrass Bed Ecology and Sampling Protocols
Section 4 Rocky Shore Ecology
Section 5 NaGISA Rocky Shore Protocol
Section 6 Seagrass Bed Ecology
Section 7 NaGISA Seagrass Protocol
Part III Specific Details for Working with the Primary Target Groups
Section 8 Macroalgae
Section 9 Seagrasses
Section 10 Echinodermata
Section 11 Polychaeta
Section 12 Cnidaria
Section 13 Mollusca
Section 14 Decapoda
Part IV Specific Details for Working with the Secondary Target Groups
Section 15 Porifera
Section 16 Amphipoda
Section 17 Isopoda
Section 18 Meiobenthos
Part V Beyond NaGISA; Further Information and Optional Protocols
Section 19 Practical Coastal Physical Oceanography for Ecologists
Section 20 Guide to Identification and Surveying of Nearshore Fishes
Section 21 Sampling and Monitoring Phodolith Beds
Part VI Reference Tools
Section 22 Priorities within the Protocols
Section 23 NaGISA Field Data Sheet
Section 24 Glossary of Methods
Section 25 Glossary of Terms
Section 26 Bibliography
Section 27 Online References
Section 28 Contributors
Section 29 Index