Kyoto Area Studies on Asia (in Japanese)
Kyoto Area Studies on Asia
Oriental Research Series

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Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 18 Moral Politics in the Philippines : Inequality, Democracy and the Urban Poor
Wataru Kusaka JPY 4,800

A History of Modern Chemistry
Noboru Hirota JPY 7,200

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 16 Marriage Migration in Asia Emerging Minorities at the Frontiers of Nation-States
Sari K. Ishii ed JPY 3,100

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 15 Catastrophe and Regeneration in Indonesia’s Peatlands Ecology, Economy and Society,
Kosuke Mizuno, Motoko S. Fujita & Shuichi Kawai eds JPY 5,400

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 14 Indonesian Women and Local Politics : Islam, Gender and Networks in Post-Suharto Indonesia
Kurniawati Hastuti Dewi JPY 3,400

The Sago Palm The food and Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century
The Society of Sago Palm Studies ed JPY 5,600

Narratives on San Ethnicity The Cultural and Ecological Foundations of Lifeworld among the !Xun of North-Central Namibia
Akira TAKADA JPY 3,200

BOROBUDUR as Cultural Landscape Local Communities’ Initiatives for the Evolutive Conservation of Pusaka Saujana BOROBUDUR
Kiyoko Kanki, Laretna T. Adishakti, and Titin Fatimah eds JPY 4,600

International Migrants in Japan Contributions in an Era of Population Decline
Yoshitaka Ishikawa ed JPY 4,000

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 13 Identity and Pleasure : The Politics of Indonesian Screen Culture
Ariel Heryanto JPY 3,000

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 11 Migration Revolution : Philippine Nationhood & Class Relations in a Globalized Age
Filomeno V. Aguilar Jr. JPY 3,400

Urban Environment 3 Solid Waste Management
Nobuo Takeda, Wei Wang, Masaki Takaoka JPY 6,600

Japan Studies in Classical Antiquity Vol.2
The Classical Society of Japan ed. JPY 2,000

Urban Environment 4 Toward Sustainable Urban Infrastructure in East Asia

Premiere Collection 45 Growth, Cycles, and Distribution : A Kaleckian Approach
Hiroaki Sasaki JPY 3,500

Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans : Challenge to Improvement of Watershed and Coastal Environments
Natsuki Shimizu et al. eds JPY 3,900

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 12 The Chinese Question Ethnicity, Nation, and Region in and Beyond the Philippines
Caroline S. Hau JPY 3,600

The Gidra Bow-hunting and Sago Life in the Tropical Forest
Toshio KAWABE JPY 4,600

Physical and Biological Properties of Agricultural Products
Naoshi Kondo, Takahisa Nishizu, Takahiro Hayashi, Yuichi Ogawa, Hiroshi Shimizu, Kiyokazu Goto eds JPY 9,400

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 10 Living with Risk Precarity & Bangkok’s Urban Poor
Tamaki Endo JPY 4,000