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Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 19
Liberalism and the Postcolony
: Thinking the State in 20th Century Philippines

Lisandro E. Claudio

JPY 3,000

Extricating liberalism from the haze of anti-modernist and anti-European caricature, this book traces the role of liberal philosophy in the building of a new nation. It examines the role of toleration, rights, and mediation in the postcolony. Through the biographies of four Filipino scholar-bureaucrats—Camilo Osias, Salvador Araneta, Carlos P. Romulo, and Salvador P. Lopez—Lisandro E. Claudio argues that liberal thought served as the grammar of Filipino democracy in the 20th century. By looking at various articulations of liberalism in pedagogy, international affairs, economics, and literature, Claudio not only narrates an obscured history of the Philippine state, he also argues for a new liberalism rooted in the postcolonial experience, a timely intervention considering current developments in politics in Southeast Asia.
“In this compelling and important book, Lisandro Claudio documents the influence of liberal intellectuals in imagining—and building—the Filipino nation. This is a timely book—illiberalism and populism are on the rise worldwide. Will liberal democracy survive the current challenges? We don’t know, but Claudio makes us better equipped to grapple with this important question.”
– Sheila S. Coronel, Dean of Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University


Pic UP!
A History of Modern Chemistry

Noboru Hirota

JPY 7,200

Noboru Hirota has produced a major historical analysis of how the field of chemistry has evolved over centuries. Spanning more than eight hundred pages, this book presents an exhaustive study of the field, showing how ground-breaking discoveries were made and innovative theories were constructed, with personal portrayals and interesting anecdotes of pioneering scholars. Positioning chemistry carefully within the natural sciences, the author rejects the traditional separation of physics, chemistry and biology, defines chemistry broadly as the ‘science of atoms and molecules,’ and traces its dynamic history with an emphasis on 20th century developments and more recent findings. Professor Hirota himself has spearheaded research in physical chemistry for more than four decades in Japan and the United States, with cutting-edge engagement with magnetic resonance, spectroscopy, and photochemistry. This publication invites specialized researchers to traverse the pathways along which the subject developed into its present form and to understand how their own research fits into the broad scope of science as a whole.


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Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 19
Liberalism and the Postcolony
: Thinking the State in 20th Century Philippines
Lisandro E. Claudio
JPY 3,000

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 18
Moral Politics in the Philippines
: Inequality, Democracy and the Urban Poor
Wataru Kusaka
JPY 4,800


Kaori Kawai ed
JPY 5,400

Creating Subaltern Counterpublics
Akwi Seo
JPY 3,800

God, Man and Domesticated Animals
Yutaka TANI
JPY 3,700